Preparing for Gathered Worship 2/14

The Sermon

As we move through the history of God’s redemption, we come to the book of Nahum.  Nahum deals with the hard realities of God’s judgment on sin.  God is a patient God, but that patience will not endure forever. Though in Nahum judgment comes on Assyria, it is only an echo if the final judgment on all humanity that is to come.   Thus, this message is all the more relevant today as most of society, though they might believe in God, think that they are either owed salvation from their sins, or that judgment isn’t really coming–that all people will make it to heaven.  Neither of these thoughts are true to God’s character.  He is merciful and patient towards sinners, but he is also holy and judgment will come upon sinners.  The only way of escape is through the Savior, Jesus.

Here is a map from the ESV Study Bible  showing Assyria’s conflict with Israel, which forms the backdrop of the book:


The Music

This week, the focus of the music is on the sovereignty of God.  Specifically, the sovereignty that is displayed both in his redemption of a people for himself, as well as his sovereignty in judgment for sin.  Read over the lyrics and meditate on biblical truths that we will sing.