Mohler Approves “Small Groups”

Dr. R. Albert Mohler is president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. As an alum of that great institution, he is my also favorite president and a man I greatly respect.

Dr. Mohler’s talents and ministry are wide and varied. He is a seminary president and instructor, he is a pastor and preacher, a reader and writer, a historian and current cultural commentator, and all while still manages to be a good husband and father.

For what it’s worth, in a recent interview Mohler said that he believes “the most effective local church evangelism […] in reaching adults is Bible studies held in homes.” He says that bringing people to the gospel through relationships is very important today. Of course, he didn’t limit such group Bible studies specifically to homes. He also included college dorms and office buildings during lunch – anywhere a couple Christians get together to study the Bible and invite non-Christians to join them so that they might see and understand the gospel.

Dr. Mohler goes on to say, “I have found more adult converts – people who didn’t know a thing about Christianity – who have become faithful members of Baptist churches through that means [small group Bible studies] than any other single means.”

This has encouraged me about the direction we are going, and I hope it encourages you. Hopefully, as we begin to expand and actively seek to make lost people a part of our groups, God will bless us as he has other churches and Christians.


The interview can be heard here, the above comment about 19:56

More about Dr. Mohler can be found at his website.