BBC Begins Collecting for Lottie Moon

Every year, SBC churches take up a special offering for International Mission.  The offering is named after an SBC missionary to China, Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Moon. Lottie Moon was an example of selfless giving to the cause of missions.  She gave up a life of friends, family, status, and even a proposal of marriage to go to China and share the gospel with people who had never before heard the good news of God’s love.  Her devotion to seeing the lost come to Christ eventually led to her own death by starvation as she gave away all the food she had to those suffering around her.  If Lottie Moon could give up so much to see the lost come to Christ, can we not give up even a little of the wealth God has blessed us with to support missionaries today who are all over the globe, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ? 

The National Goal for all Southern Baptist Churches is $165 million.  Our church’s goal to help meet this amount is $650.  Please pray about what the Lord would have you give sacrificially and cheerfully.