Future of BBC

Here is a summary of the presentation made by the elders this morning (8/23).   You can read the whole thing here.


Basis for Biblical Ministry

The Christian life comes down to fulfilling three commands – love God, love your neighbor, and make disciples.[1] We know these commands are the essential ones because Christ told us so. Therefore, we should set our course so that we will be driven by the three great commands that God has given us – to love him with all of our being, to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the salvation of the nations and the glory of God’s name.  These commands should serve as the parameters and goals of all that we do to selflessly and joyfully live as God’s people.

Decision for Biblical Ministry

After much prayer, consideration, and discussion, we as elders have determined that BBC should remain at its current location (land) but wisely plan for a new facility in the near future.  This means we are convinced that our current building is not the future of BBC.  Given the age of our building, its layout, and the amount of work and money that would be involved in keeping it up and expanding it, we believe God’s money would be better invested elsewhere.  Our recommendation to build something new is not a far off plan.  The elders believe BBC should quickly begin laying out a timeline for the planning and construction of a new building to be complete in (at least) two phases.

We would not recommend putting any more substantial amounts of money into our current building after the roof is repaired.  In fact, given the reduced cost available to us, the elders propose that BBC use existing money to complete this job and not take out a loan.  Though fresh paint or a simple repair on our auditorium ceiling might happen, we believe substantial money should only be put towards the new facility.


[1] Matthew 22:34-40; 28:18-20.