Romans 8 Resources

This is the first week of our effort to memorize Romans 8 together!  I thought it would be helpful to post some extra resources that might help you with this.

Bible Memory for the Church Introduction (pdf)

Romans 8 “carry with page” (pdf)

Listen to Romans 8 online (click “listen”)

Then, there is another church in California who has a young adult group who is apparently doing the same thing as us–memorizing Romans 8.  To help with this, they’ve put together an entire website of helps!  Perhaps the coolest part of the site is that they are setting the whole chapter to music.  Check out the intro video below, then go to their website for songs.  They also have a downloadable track of someone reading Romans 8. (One caveat: I think the song is set to the NIV. So, if you’re using the ESV or another translation, it might mess you up a little!)