Missionary Moments – May 4

Penetrating the lost in Minnesota and Wisconsin
As ministry catalyst for the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention, DAVE WEDEKIND assists churches to enlist, train, and mobilize volunteers to be on mission in various ministries and during disasters, always looking for divine appointments to share Jesus. Penetrating the lostness in these states is an overwhelming task. Dave and the rest of the state missionaries in Minnesota and Wisconsin know that your prayers and your willingness to partner with sister churches through the Cooperative Program are vital to this effort. Set aside some time this week to pray for Dave and JEANNE, his wife, as they encourage churches to be on mission for Christ. Ask God to move in the hearts of people in Minnesota and Wisconsin that they will be receptive to the Gospel as it is shared. STATEMENT 2 Samuel 8:9-11 – David was a careful manager of the things he received. He dedicated the spoils of battle to God. Let us dedicate to God all things He lets us acquire. Our gifts, which support the ministries of our church, can represent our dedication of all things to God.