Sermon – October 11, 2020

James 4 – The Power of Humility (mp3)

Many are members of clubs, societies, and associations only in name. Christians cannot be this way! We are not Christians just because we call ourselves Christians, but rather because we have true belief, in true humility, in Jesus.

1. Humility is the corrective for an adulterous heart
James isn’t overly gentle in his desire to correct the believers he writes to, but rather comes out swinging. These are compared to murderers and thieves because of their desires and pleasures. God cannot be glorified by us seeking our pleasure however we might like, even while some of these pleasures might be good. Some are so in love with worldly pleasures that they have made themselves enemies of God. Christians cannot live this way! Leave off worldly pleasures, and in humility, submit to God!

2. Humility is the corrective for an aspersive spirit
We often tend to judge people unwisely and harshly, slandering and speaking evil. In doing so, we put ourselves above the law, and judge it. What great and evil irony is in such speech! We judge, but we should be much more concerned about the judgment of God. Judgmentalism is an ugly sin, seeking faults in others. We judge based on social faux-paus, our own understanding of what is good and right, and generally seek to place ourselves above others. Let this not be so!

3. Humility is the corrective for an arrogant mindset
How arrogant must we be to think that we control any of our futures! It is not wrong to plan, nor to make money, but it is wrong to think that our plans lay out the shape of the future. In humility, let us always speak in such a way that it is understood that the Lord directs the future, as “the Lord wills.”